Kraken Hiraeth

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The Loons Circus Theatre Company
New Zealand

Written by Joe Bennett

In the fens of Eastern England they used to trap ducks in netting tunnels.

The mouth of a tunnel would be wide and tall and ducks would swim happily into it feeling no sense of threat. But as the tunnel went on it turned round corners and  became lower and narrower. The ducks paddled on until they turned a final corner and found themselves in a little netted enclosure where a duck-catcher sat patiently waiting.

In Trapped a barman, a butcher's daughter and a contortionist tell the stories of their lives. They do not know each other, and the unique and random details of what happened to happen to each of them have only one thing in common.


  • THU 3 SEP, 8.30PM
  • FRI 4 SEP, 8.30PM
  • SAT 5 SEP, 8.30PM
  • SUN 6 SEP, 8.30PM


  • Fletcher Construction Festival Studio


Conc $30 


Approximately 80 minutes

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Fletcher Construction Festival Studio

"The Gym"
The Arts Centre
Worcester Boulevard

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