by Johann Nortje and Tane Upjohn-Beatson in collaboration with Joe Dixon
New Zealand

An interactive memorial, Still explores the duality of war: the destruction of lives and the construction of a collective future. Presented simultaneously in Auckland, Christchurch and Poitiers in France, Still commemorates the First World War with an opportunity to connect with people from countries involved in the war, 100 years ago.

In front of an interactive screen, the audience has a choice.

If they are still and meditative, they can listen to music from the time of the First World War and watch as their face is added to a collage of other observers alongside archive images of people photographed at the time of WWI; growing a family tree of faces, cultures and connections from around the world.

If the audience moves, the memorial presents a collection of dark geometrical shapes, while noise disrupts the musical tunes and will provide a more aggressive sound environment.

The contrast of these two interactions showcases the dual nature of war: Still is either silent and intimate, or dark, anonymous and violent.




  • THU 3 SEP - SUN 13 SEP


  • Canterbury Museum


Exhibition open 9am-5pm daily.

FREE, donation appreciated

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Canterbury Museum

Rolleston Avenue
Opposite Worcester Boulevard

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